Vision Subsystem v4 for NXT


This Vision Subsystem has realtime image processing capability to detect and track line or upto 8 colorful objects.

  • Connects to NXT on a sensor port
  • Connects to computer using USB interface
  • Tracks line or upto 8 objects (with 8 different user defined colors) at 30fps
  • Adjustable lens focus
  • Lens with built in infrared blocking filter
  • Provides realtime tracking statistics to NXT
  • Power consumption: 42 mA (max) at 4.7V
  • PC not needed for autonomous operation on NXT
  • Supported environments: NXT-G, RobotC, LeJOS, NXC, LabVIEW, LVEE

Note: Using NXTCam requires fair amount of programming expertize and analytical skills.


download 876.05 KB 01/25/2010 Download
download FTDIUSBSerialDriver_v2_2_14.dmg 419.16 KB 01/29/2010 Download
download NXTCam-v2-User-Guide.pdf 746.67 KB 12/07/2009 Download
download datasheet-ov6620.pdf 327.79 KB 04/17/2009 Download
download NXTCam-v3-User-Guide.pdf 719.69 KB 10/04/2011 Download
download NXTCam-v3-Colormap-Reference.pdf 642.72 KB 05/25/2010 Download
Also applicable for NXTCam-v4
download NXTCam-v4-User-Guide.pdf 1.18 MB 04/02/2012 Download
download 1.33 MB 11/14/2011 Download
download 10.87 KB 06/22/2012 Download
download 2.43 KB 05/25/2010 Download
download 912.68 KB 08/01/2009 Download

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