The strongest, high performance
With high performance actuator AX-18A and ultra light weighted aluminium frames, it can compete in many robot competitions without additional robot parts or separate accessories.
The most optimized H/W for various robot competitions.
Running speed of 20cm/s, Grippers which can help achieve various mission, optimized for Robot soccer games to compete speed and power, King of lightweight humanoid robot battles with its ultra lightweight body and many joints.
Enjoy various robot sports with the BIOLOID GP armed with versatile performances and powerful mobility.
  • Top-notch humanoid armed with high performance actuator DYNAMIXEL AX-18A
  • Ultra light weight and high strength of aluminum frames
  • Powerful mobility including a direction switch while moving and fast walking
  • Basic humanoid battle and soccer motions are provided
  • Can adjust posture while walking with gyro sensor
  • Includes a gripper set for mission completion
  • Includes optional frames for waist twisting
  • Includes wireless remote controller(IR-default, Zigbee/Bluetooth-optional)
  • Includes a Roboplus, an upgraded powerful S/W programming tool
  • Digital packet communication and simple daisy chain connection


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