Bateria LIPO 11.1V 1800mAh LB-012 (01-903-0210-000)

LIPO Battery 11.1V 1800mAh LB-012

  • Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery (for DARwIn only).
  • PCM is incorporated to protect the battery from overcharge or discharge due to excessive current.
  • Cannot be used for Bioloids because the connector size is different.
  • Battery cover and extension cables are not included.
  • Can be charged with the LBC-10 Battery Charger.


  •  LIPO Battery 11.1V 1800mAh LB-012 x 1pc

* Battery Charger (LBC-10) sold separately


Description Specification
Weight 106g
Size 88 x 35 x 26mm
Voltage 11.1V
Capacity 1800mAh
Discharge rate 5C
Safety PCM built-in (overcharge, discharge, excessive current protection)


  • ** Cannot be charged via DARwIn and needs to be charged using the LBC-10 charger.
  • Do not drop or modify parts of the battery.
  • Do not fold the end of the sutured portion of the battery.
  • Do not apply heat, water or any other liquid on the battery.
  • Do not place in the microwave, washing machine or dryer.
  • Do not use damaged batteries that appear inflated, deformed, damaged, etc.
  • Do not short circuit the battery.
  • Do not disassemble the battery.
  • When charging, make sure the battery is connected with the correct polarities.
  • Do not charge when the battery is hot. Please charge after it has cooled off.
  • The battery will not charge when connected to the robot.


  • Detach the battery from the robot or controller when storing away.
  • When storing away the battery for a long time, make sure the battery life is around 50%.
  • Do not store in wet or hot places.

** LIPO Battery 11.1V 1800mAh LB-012 has a warranty period of 6 months.


-  Robot: DARwIn-OP

-  Battery Charger: LIPO Battery Charger LBC-10

** NOT compatible with the CM-Series controllers.

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